by Danny Kellman on March 03, 2021

Something is interesting about where young professionals decide to live. The term young professionals evolved from its initial origin. From referring to young people in their 20s and 30s, it now suggests a young person in a professional field.

Young professionals are going to want different amenities in a neighborhood. Their needs differ from other groups, like young families or retirees. Whether they choose to live in the big city, a small town or somewhere with a little bit of both, the need is still the same.

Are you a young professional? If so, there are questions you’ll want to ask yourself before choosing a neighborhood to call home.

If you're in the market to buy a home now in the Greater Toronto, read this blog post. You'll find a general checklist that aims to help with that important decision. The next four questions will ensure you choose the right neighborhood for you.

1) How long will it take me to get to my office?

One of the main characteristics of young professionals is your career involvement. Working hard is a reality in your professional world and for advancement. Thus, the right neighborhood must be convenient to your office.

Whether you prefer walking to your office in less than 10 minutes. Or choose to live in the suburb and commute to the city on public transit. Otherwise, elect to drive to and from the office. Remember that, you want to be sure that the area you pick makes sense with your preference and your commute time.

2) How Does The Neighbourhood Fit With My Lifestyle?

Many young professionals favor an active neighborhood with countless opportunities. They want to explore the entertainment scenes, the culture, restaurants, and outdoor activities. You want to be sure that the community offers the kind of lifestyle that meets your needs.

Unfortunately, no neighborhood will have everything on your list. Remember that buying is a process of elimination. Hence, use your list as a guide, but prepare to compromise.

Find out what kind of lifestyle you want to experience. Then find a neighborhood that incorporates those values.

3) What’s The Walkability Of The Area?

When looking at a house, check what’s within walking distance of the property. Is there a grocery store, a park or a coffee shop close to the house? Can you see yourself running errands and get the things you need for your household?

A walkable community has its perks. It is an excellent way to meet your neighbors and connect with other young professionals. Your experience of living in that neighborhood will be more enjoyable and convenient.

If your walkability is not workable, be sure to look at the convenience of the community layout. Are you within biking distance or a quick drive to the town or city center, and amenities?

Are all food establishments, shops, stores location convenient? Once at that place, can you navigate afoot?

4) How Will This Neighbourhood Adapt To Your Next Life Stage?

You want to select a neighborhood that will grow with you. Remember that you won’t stay a young professional forever. It is true if you’re thinking of buying now in the Greater Toronto, and even of you’re renting. The neighborhood must grow with you for at least few years. Moving is expensive enough so choose well.

If you are planning on starting a family, research the different school systems in the area. Explore the playground and parks nearby. If you enjoy going to nightclubs, you might also consider other types of activities. The neighborhood must offer something else when clubbing loses its fun.

Most great neighborhoods offer plenty for all stages of your life. Before you commit, make sure you can grow with it.

If you want to pick a neighborhood, these questions will help to make the best decision. You’ll have clarity on the place that’s right for you as a young professional. You’ll enjoy that neighborhood for many years to come.

These are few questions to prepare weighting which neighborhood is best to move.

Over to you. Do you have any others to add? Let me know in the comment below.