by Danny Kellman on February 7, 2021

Not everybody who posts to Craigslist is selling or seeking something; some use the platform to make a point. Such is the case with the anonymous Realtor who posted this “wanted” ad

Is it snarky? Absolutely.

Funny? You decide.

But one thing’s for certain: it’s rooted in the truth of what most real estate agents face on a regular basis.

Fact is, most people don’t really understand what they do to earn their commission and how they get paid. This causes the misconception that agents aren’t worth what they’re paid. Or that they live “high on the hog”.

Not hardly. After marketing fees and dues, agents earn about 1.5% per transaction on average. It’s expensive to be a real estate agent. Just have a look:

Over to you... Do you have any funny story about your own job?