By Danny Kellman on January 31, 2021

In the world of home repair and remodeling people do the best that they can. They pour what money they have available to add value and character to their beloved estates. Then there are these folks who can’t be bothered with things like, you know, instructions, skill, patience…

1. Should have gone with a bud for a… light… shower.

2. Oh… but you can spring for the expensive Gillette deodorant on the sink?

From The Purple Noodle -

3. “When I’m hurtling down the road at 75mph, I choose Vise Grip pliers to keep a tenuous grip on my car’s control!”

4. The secret is we use cake frosting to set the tiles!

5. The new MC Escher chair from IKEA* *Warning may cause fits of intestinal cramping and hysteria.

6. At night this monstrosity whispers “Please kill me…” to its maker.

7. Instructions: Step 1 – Steal coat hanger from local Motel 6…

8. When you can’t get a handle on DIY jobs.

9. When your first DIY job becomes your last.

10. DIY Cabinetry from the guy that builds all of those pain-in-the-butt brain-teaser puzzles.


11. A week later this guy’s depth perception issues led to a horrible accident on the runway at an airport.

12. Quality work is key in DIY projects.

13. This hack for non-mixed faucets is actually kind of genius (albeit unsightly).

14. Next on "Drunk Carpentry: Tables!"


15. An electrician who’s watched TRON one too many times.

16. Bet this guy’s wife NEVER complains about him leaving theseat up

17. Despite the obvious problem I think the guy who installed this faucet is compensating for something #probablyhasabigtruck

18. Awww how adorable…the light socket is shy

Over to you... What is your DIY nightmare?